Student Athletes

  • Similar to the one hour session but geared toward Student Athletes
  • Highly specialized training programs to meet specific sport's needs
  • Nutritional coaching and education
  • Education of proper form and lifting habits to meet goals safely
  • For beginners or advanced athletes - we work with all ages, skills and sports

Workout Effectively - It takes hard work and determination to become successful at any sport. At Momentum we give our student athletes the extra edge to excel. Whether it is sport specific, strength and conditioning or learning how to lift properly, our student athletes learn to workout effectively during the on and off season.

We Make College Athletes

Training Education

Serving Carroll County, Eldersburg, Sykesville, and beyond!

First and foremost, we offer training education to student athletes on proper form and nutrition so that our workouts are safe and minimize the risk of injury. Many schools do not teach students to lift properly, if at all. We find that students learn dangerous and ineffective habits from their peers and we strictly enforce proper and age appropriate techniques.

Exercise Regimen

After educating our new student athletes, we prepare and execute an exercise regimen for their specific goals. We incorporate weight lifting, calisthenics, plyometrics, conditioning and Olympic lifting where appropriate. Often we will assign “homework” to our student athletes for their off days that will supplement our workouts.

Positive & Challenging Workout Atmosphere

We know there are more important things than sports. At Momentum our trainers cultivate a positive and challenging atmosphere that inspires strong work ethic, positive attitude and self-esteem on and off the field. We take pride in the success of out student athletes, we invest personally in their improvement, and as a result we have trained many successful High School and College athletes.

Does your student need some extra coaching, or want to step up their game? Contact our experienced trainers. We have the knowledge, equipment and facilities to help your student athlete reach their full potential!

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Why Choose Us?
One-hour Personal Training

· Instruction on proper exercise form
· Instruction on how to structure your workouts
· Nutritional guidance to help you make smarter diet choices
· Motivation and encouragement to help you meet your goals
· Ask questions and get solid answers from trained professionals
· Learn new and effective ways to exercise
· Learn how to be more confident in the gym
· Get advice on group fitness classes
· Personalized workout with a Momentum trainer including one-on-one coaching
Half-hour Training Sessions

· Similar to an hour session but more condensed
· High-intensity training to make the most of your time
· A good choice for clients working on a tight schedule
· Learn exercises that hit multiple muscle groups at once
· Unique format allows you more time to do work on your own; especially good for those who want to incorporate cardio on their own time