Group Training

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Work out with a group of your friends or your sports team!
Working out with a group of friends or teammates has alot of positive advantages. Momentum offers group training programs because we know that groups hold each other accountable and can make the sessions more fun! We also have access to a track and athletic fields for sport specific group training.

Eldersburg, Maryland Personal Training & Exercise Therapy
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Group Workout Session

  • Similar to an hour session, but with your friends
  • Curcuit style workouts to keep everyone moving and engaged
  • Accountibility to your friends to show up and get results
  • A support group to cheer you on and encouragement to do your best
  • Split the session costs to make it more affordable

Sports Team Training

  • Same as group training but is sport specific
  • Run drills or sport specific exercises with your teammates
  • Focus on conditioning, strength and power
  • Work on weak points of the team to make it better as a whole
  • Modifed exercises for each position
  • Build comradery, friendships and sportsmanship

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Why Choose Us?
One-hour Personal Training

· Instruction on proper exercise form
· Instruction on how to structure your workouts
· Nutritional guidance to help you make smarter diet choices
· Motivation and encouragement to help you meet your goals
· Ask questions and get solid answers from trained professionals
· Learn new and effective ways to exercise
· Learn how to be more confident in the gym
· Get advice on group fitness classes
· Personalized workout with a Momentum trainer including one-on-one coaching
Half-hour Training Sessions

· Similar to an hour session but more condensed
· High-intensity training to make the most of your time
· A good choice for clients working on a tight schedule
· Learn exercises that hit multiple muscle groups at once
· Unique format allows you more time to do work on your own; especially good for those who want to incorporate cardio on their own time