Nutrition Counseling

  • Included for all Momentum clients, you can't improve your body without improving your diet
  • Learn about the science of nutrition and how to apply it
  • Accountability with your diet and useful tricks and apps to make you successful

Certified Nutrition Specialists

Serving Carroll County, Eldersburg, Sykesville, and beyond!

Nutrition is fundamental to wellness and performance and we are sure to educate our clients about the right nutrition plan for them. Properly guided nutrition is paramount to our clients’ success which is why Momentum keeps a certified nutrition specialist on staff. We include nutritional counseling with our Personal Training, Exercise Therapy and independently on its own.

Our approach to nutrition is founded on proven scientific methods which include balanced diet, more frequent meals, and healthier food choices. There are many Nutrition myths and scams in the fitness industry; we will guide you to what actually works. Fads don’t last and neither do their results, our methods will give you the tools to keep your body fit, healthy, and performing well.

Nutritional Guidance

We recognize that life is busy enough without counting calories. That’s why at Momentum we focus on nutritional guidance that educates our clients to make healthy choices and still live life. We understand that everyone’s situation is different, diabetes, athletics, weight loss and menopause can complicate things. We are trained to target each client’s specific nutritional needs and create strategies that get results that are sustainable.

If you are struggling to get results on your own or with your current trainer or therapist, your nutrition may be the culprit. Many people work very hard to get results only to fail because they didn’t know how to fuel their body for success. Don’t get stuck running in place, Momentum’s nutrition will get you moving forward. Contact us today for your free consultation and see the difference a little Momentum makes!

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