Free Consultation

Get Your FREE Personal Training Consultation. Open to ALL Members!

At Momentum, we are confident that our unique, personalized service and in-depth fitness knowledge can help any client of any fitness level achieve their goals. That’s why we confidently offer a FREE personal training consultation to anyone interested in personal training.

If you’re not sure if personal training is right for you, this is a great way to try it out. This consultation will include no gimmicks, no pressure and no obligation. One of our highly educated personal trainers will take you through a half-hour workout geared toward your individual goals.

You might want to give our free personal training consultation a try if:

  • You are intimidated by the gym setting
  • You aren’t really sure how to work with a personal trainer
  • You don’t know if a personal trainer would be right for you
  • You aren’t sure what you should do in the gym to reach your goals
  • You find yourself stuck in your comfort zone on the cardio equipment
  • You want to learn some new exercises to get you out of a rut
  • You are having a hard time staying motivated