Welcome To Momentum Personal Training

We know that gyms can sometimes be intimidating places. We also know that personal trainers can be intimidating people.
The stereotype is out there: Personal trainers are muscle-heads and drill sergeants. They are so super-fit and so super-strong that they can't relate to their clients, especially those clients who are new to gyms, new to exercise and new to nutrition. Personal trainers are expensive. Personal trainers aren't effective. Personal trainers aren't worth it.

Well, we're here to tell you that while some personal trainers may fit that description, we at Momentum certainly don't.

Personal Training
The very core of our training is the idea that every client seeking our help will have different goals and challenges. We are proud to boast a track record of helping people of all kinds get the results they need.
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Exercise Therapy
Exercise Therapy covers a broad range of purposes ranging from injury rehab, managing chronic illness, improving quality of life and much more.
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Student Athletes
Education is the foundation of our student athlete training, we train our athletes how to exercise effectively while, providing them challenging exercise regimen or effective injury rehabilitation.
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We Motivate.

Eldersburg, Maryland Personal Training & Exercise Therapy

We hear it all the time from new or prospective clients: their No. 1 fear if they hire a personal trainer, will be they are pushed too hard, forced to do exercises they’re not comfortable with or yelled at when they fail. It’s understandable but it’s not your experience with Momentum. We strive to create a friendly, fun atmosphere that allows our clients to thrive and grow into their personal training routine. We motivate you. We encourage you to push forward. But we’ll never push you too hard, and we’ll always listen to your concerns.

Train With The Experts. We Get Results!

Fitness is a big business these days. You can’t turn on the television without seeing an infomercial for a new exercise video or a commercial for a weight-loss scheme. But here’s the thing: There’s no easy path to a great body. You need to work for it, and beyond that, you need the knowledge to know how and when to do that work. That’s what we provide at Momentum. We know nutrition, we know fitness and we know how to put that knowledge to work to help our clients meet their goals. Our promise is simple: stay with us, follow our plan, get results.

We Know It’s Not Just About the Workout

Exercise is a key component of any fitness plan. But exercise in the absence of good nutrition simply isn’t enough. That’s where our highly educated training staff can help. All of our trainers have extensive background in fitness and nutrition, which means they are a great deal more than just gym rats. They are true fitness and nutrition experts—the kind of professionals that you just don’t find at every gym these days. Experience counts. Education counts. We have both.

We Do More Than Just Weight Loss

Yes, a great many of our clients come to us because they want to lose weight. And yes, a great many of our other clients come to us because they want to build muscle mass. But at the very core of our business is the idea that every client seeking our help will have different goals and different challenges. We are proud to boast a track record of helping people of all kinds get the results they need. Additionally, with helping people lose weight and build muscle mass, we can help athletes to rehab from difficult injuries, teach kids how to get into and stay in shape or work with your colleagues and friends to create a fun, effective group exercise plan.

Why Momentum?

Everyone has different goals, challenges, strengths and weaknesses. That's why we at Momentum Personal Training & Exercise Therapy treat our clients the same way - individually.

Our Trainers

Our highly educated and experienced trainers work directly with you to create customized nutrition and fitness plans; ensuring you put in the necessary work to get results. We hold our trainers to the highest standards in the industry and only hire the best and most experienced trainers and therapists